NordicTrack SpaceSaver® Elliptical

Why the NordDicTrack SpaceSaver Elliptical? Well, if you want to have the perfect workout in the comforts of your own home and if you don’t have much room to put up your own gym, then the NordDicTrack SpaceSaver Elliptical is indeed perfect for you.

The NordDicTrack SpaceSaver Elliptical has a unique space saving design that can let you literally have the trainer in your home, without the need of re-modelling your place. It also comes with wheels so it’s easy to store away.

This elliptical is powered by a strong motor that can accommodate a mass of 275 lbs. It comes with a good foot pedal and an adjustable magnetic resistance.

You can challenge yourself with the 10 pre-programmed workouts. Each of these workouts are uniquely designed to tone down, burn fat, and improve cardiovascular health. It’s got a pulse grip heart rate monitor and a cooling fan too. So what more can you ask for?

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Nordictrack SpaceSaver® E5 si

Searching for the right elliptical trainer could be a painstaking event. Imagining all the models and products that saturate the market today can cause you a headache. Cut all the mind boggling moments and get a grip of the Nordictrack SpaceSaver E5 si from the leader of fitness equipments NordicTrack. This outstanding trainer comes with an 18” stride length feature. This stride length is sufficient enough to target those areas which you want to tone down. Unlike other conventional trainers that only limit to16”, the SpaceSaver E5 si will give you a fuller and natural motion in every stride. Its oversized pedals adds comfort to every workout your doing.

The purpose of the oversized pedals are to give more space to position your foot properly until you will get a comfortable stance which make workouts more relaxing and less stressful. Its special cushioning also gets a good grip to your footwear evading you from possible slipping and accidents. Its 4 personal trainer programs will get you fired up at home. These programs are specially designed by fitness experts themselves giving you more accurate and effective workout. With this feature you won’t run out of exciting workouts on the SpaceSaver E5 si. It is like having 4 personal trainers at one place and one time at the tip of your finger tips.

One of the boasted features of the SpaceSaver E5 si is its Silent Magnetic Resistance. Increasing resistance during workouts adds intensity and challenge to your work out. The silent magnetic feature enables you to instantly change resistance level without interrupting what you are doing making it safer and more convenient. The trainer has 10 resistance levels that would surely make more serious in your workouts. The SpaceSaver E5 si is well known for its space saving feature that only takes 1 step to fold and keep the machine. With its unique features and space saving design, what more can you ask for? Get a grip and start striding those fats away.

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